Your Own Website For Only $100

Can it really be done?

Yes it can, the answer is three words: Website Development Automation. The very same automation principle Henry Ford used and what made his cars so affordable.


The fine print: $100 (100 USD) gets you a modern up to 4 pages website that will be finished within 5 days and is truly yours to keep. Examples of these websites are listed here (our work). You also get free Basic Hosting for 30 days, after 30 days you can upgrade to paid Basic Hosting, Premium Hosting or to the Combo Deal (includes Simple Website, Premium Hosting, 1 Year Warranty and Email Hosting. The original $100 paid for Simple Website is deducted when ordered) or move the site elsewhere – entirely up to you. See our FAQ and TOS for details.

Our Offer

All listed below is the final price either for annual billing or one off fee (Simple Website). 3 and 6 months billing cycle is also available.

Special Promotion

Simple Website
One Time Flat Fee
Reduced Permanently
Simple Website for Your Business
Includes 30 Days of Basic Hosting service

Free Domain Name *
Private WHOIS Included
Up to 4 Pages included
Basic Hosting included
(30 Days)
Finished within 5 days
Modern, Fast loading
to Combo Deal
($100 paid is deducted)
Basic Hosting
Monthly Price
(Annual Billing Cycle)

Economy Web Hosting
PHP & MySQL technology
High Performance Servers
Premium Hosting
Monthly Price
(Annual Billing Cycle)

Powerful Web Hosting
PHP & MySQL technology
Cloud infrastructure
Super High Performance Servers

Last pricelist update: 1st March 2018

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Unless otherwise specified all prices listed are in US$ (USD).

* Free domain name is subject to availability (only following TLDs: .tk .ml .ga .cf .gq – works the same way as .com however NO WARRANTY as we register these domains with a 3rd party). Premium Domain Name Registrations (.com, .net, .org, .info, .club, .click, .eu) are available for a US$30/year fee (subject to availability). We strongly recommend a Premium Domain Name registration (if you have domain registered elsewhere it’s also OK). For other domains please do not hesitate to contact us.
1 Year Warranty means we will provide regular maintenance of website that we developed for you, therefore some outdated script or template does not compromise your website. This is very common within our competition – they design the website and that’s the end of it, unfortunately this is very easy prey for hackers. Maintenance is limited to security issues (it does not cover website text changes or any design changes).
Website Monitored for any Outage – Website uptime is taken very seriously as well – if things break we will let you know, we will fix it and we will apologize to you & provide discount.
1 Year Warranty does NOT apply under any circumstances to 3rd party developed websites or websites that have its warranty void. Read our FAQ and TOS for more details.
20 % Additional Credit applies to payment with Honest Money – please see our Honest Money section for details.
Save over $360 it breaks down to the following: Simple Website ($100), Premium Hosting (+$228, subtotal $328), Mailbox Hosting (+$96, subtotal $424),  1 Year Warranty (+$240, total $664), 20 % Saved on Cryptocurrencies Payment on $348 ($70).  Therefore $644-$348+$70 = $366 in savings.

Additional services available: Fully Custom Designed Websites, CDN, Dedicated IP and more – please contact us.

Can I get Simple Website for my Business?

Yes almost certainly can – especially if your business is in one of the following categories:

  • Hotel, B&B, Apartment for rent (Accommodation Websites)
  • Pub, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Bakery (Food & Beverage Websites)
  • Gym, Yoga, Martial Arts Club and similar (Sports Websites)
  • Massage Salon, Spa, Hairdressing salon, Nails salon (Health & Beauty Websites)
  • Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Welder, Handyman or in Construction in general (Maintenance & Renovation Websites)
  • Passenger Transportation, Cargo & Goods Transportation, Moving Service (Transportation Websites)
  • Physician (medical practitioner), dentist, pharmacist, augmentation surgeon and similar medical professionals (Medical Websites)
  • Freelance teacher of any subject and similar (Education Websites)
  • Translator, interpreter and similar (Translation Websites)
  • Photographer (Photographer Websites)
  • Lawyer, attorney, auditor or accounting professional (LAAA Websites)
  • Other

Tip: Even if your endeavor is not listed we will do our best to help – feel free to contact us and we will look into it for you.

This list is covering industries where we have at least customer side experience but for most businesses we do have the provider side experience as well and for this reason some businesses are not listed.

Our website helps you to:

  • Promote your business – once you have a website, you are one step away from adding it to directories such as Google Maps where people can recommend your business to other people and actually find you as a business “nearby”.
  • Display key business details – address, phone numbers, emails, opening hours, products/services, prices and special promotions.
  • Save money – any loyal customer visiting your website saves you money every time they don’t go via 3rd party such as (which is charging 15 % from your gross profit).

Please be advised as noted above that this is a template based website design for specific businesses and customization is limited, however if you want custom design we are happy to help as well – contact us.

Please do stop here for a second and try to remember who was this upfront and honest while doing business with you within the past 5 years?

Why should I choose you Guys?

That’s a very genuine question and short answer is: Because we really do care about your small business.

If you would like to know a bit more about us we encourage you to read our about page.