We are more than happy to partner with a blogger or small business enthusiasts who would recommend our services and we would share the earnings with them.

How It Works?

It’s rather simple really – you will be given a coupon code for certain value and whenever somebody signs up to a paid service using the code you will get half of the coupon value (50/50 split) – say you get 50 US$ off on Simple Website – and you share it with your blog readers or Twitter followers – whenever it’s used by someone you get 25 US$ and the person using the code will get 25 US$ off.

How Do You Payout?

We can pay you via PayPal and bank wire (only amounts over 1000 USD). Payouts via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Dash are negotiable.

How Often Do You Payout?

We do it 90 days after the coupon was used to minimize the fraud. Minimum payout is US$50.

Signed up for Partnership: day 0
Order #1, day 1, coupon amount $50 ($25 in commission)
Order #2, day 3, coupon amount $50 (+$25 in commission, $50 total)
Order #3, day 5, coupon amount $50 ($25 in commission, new total: $25)
Order #4, day 8, coupon amount $50 (+$25 in commission, new total: $50)

On day 1 you are not eligible on payout for order #1 as it’s below $50 (it’s only $25), on day 3 you are not eligible for payout as it’s not beyond the 90 day threshold. On day 93 (90+3) you are eligible for payout order #1 and #2 ($50 total). On day 98 you are eligible for payout on orders #3 and #4.

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