About The People Working Here

and What We Do Here

How It Started

Nulla IT Limited (operating 100DollarsWebsite.com) was founded by Internet industry veterans in 2017 after more than 15 years of experience gained in the field.

It was one of those moments when we grew tired of our corporate jobs and we wanted to help people build websites for their small businesses for reasonable amount of money.

Why do we do this?

Because we really care about small business survival. Our parents and friends run business like yours and we do want to help you to start or grow your small business.

What we do here is not something that will make us rich, but it does help us pay the bills and we believe our effort makes the World a better place – a place where individuals are in charge of their own businesses.

If our children end up in a World run by handful of extremely large corporations which are basically employing everyone that is not a very bright future. That’s why we are doing this.

How do we compare to other providers?

Typically you need up to three parties to get your website up and running and to keep it running:

  • Web Developers & Designers – people designing the website
  • Web Hosting – the engine and fuel for your website
  • Web Administrators – people who keep the site tuned and safe (hacker free)

In some cases this can be even 3 separate companies – one built it, one runs it and one maintains it – if something goes wrong a true nightmare follows as company A blames company B and company C blames company A and/or B.

There is a better way:

How to automate this process so the development can be inexpensive and the website still looks great?

Does absolutely everyone has to drive a fully customized version of a car?

No, right?

Or a standard, reliable car made on an assembly line would totally do?

And this is how Henry Ford did make the cars affordable and we emulate that model.

While most people would agree that building your own car from scratch is not the best idea (unless it’s your hobby) then we find it interesting that a lot of people are building the site from scratch and don’t find it unusual. We don’t re-invent the wheel here. We deliver a website design for $100 and then we charge a small fee for hosting and maintenance – we build it, we host it and we maintain it, it’s predictable environment = it can be inexpensive.

As you can see we tend to see things differently – we don’t just throw at you a hosting service and say “here is the engine assemble the rest of the car yourself” (hello GoDady) or give you a tool to design your own site, charging you month to month for the privilege to work on your own website (to design your own car) and after weeks and months of your hard work we take a cut on sales processed (hello WIX) – we hated when booking.com did this to us (and our parents) so why would we do this to you?

No Bureaucracy, No Contracts, No Nonsense
– That is Our Promise to You

We intend to outmatch our competition. What particularly annoys us is bureaucracy and corporate nonsense – we don’t like contracts and our idea of good business is not lawyers running around enforcing nonsense.