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Here is comparison matrix with our competition:

Who builds the website?We do it professionally for you.Typically you do it or you can ask for a quote, expect $1000+You do it yourself, cost of your time, could be tens of hours.
Total cost of ownership? (prices without special promotions, rounded)$100/one time (1 page website) - web design fee
$60/year (website hosting)
Developer's Web Design Cost (likely $1000 or more) + $228/year$150/year + your time, could be in thousands of $
Money back guarantee? 45 days 30 days 14 days
Website uptime guarantee?99.9 %99.9 %99.9 %
Compensation for any unplanned downtime? Discount and a personal letter of apology from the management None None
Business Size?Small (< 10 people)Large (6000+ people)Large (~1400 people)
Support?Your personal support representative (shared with other customers)Random person every time.Random person every time.
Honest Money Accepted? Yes - Bitcoin No, explicitly. (Not mentioned)
Datacenter Locations?Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, AustraliaUnited States, Netherlands, Singapore
(possibly other locations - not fully disclosed)
United States, Ireland, Japan
(possibly other locations - not fully disclosed)
Freedom to move your website to another 3rd party? Very Easy (compressed file provided) Easy Not possible

Note: All prices are listed in US$.