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Which server to choose for my Website?

Basically all of the servers listed will provide very good page load times but if you really want to get the very best web loading speed we strongly recommend to choose a server in close physical proximity to where most of your customers are located.

This choice could be quite tricky and we have seen many so called “professionals” just choosing server based in USA (as most of the super low cost hosting companies are based there), however if you care about things such as fast site load (and you should!), quick downtime resolution (it happens at time to everyone) and not being in a pool of blacklisted IPs because everyone on that low cost host is sending spam and their tech support couldn’t care less.

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The servers below are listed in West-East ordernot in order of preference.

Why Canada?

Server based in Canada works best for regions such as North America and South America but it’s also very well usable for Western and central Europe.

It’s typically not the best choice for Asia or Oceania (depending on your Internet service provider).


When to pick United Kingdom?

Our Tip
We would recommend you to choose United Kingdom for pretty much whole Europe, North America and middle East as a lot of providers there have direct links to London.

Considering how far UK is from Oceania and Asia it’s better to choose for those regions some of the servers listed below.


When to choose server in Japan?

Our Tip
Japan works best for Asian regions such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam – pretty much whole Asia is extremely well covered from Japan and even Oceania works really good (Australia, New Zealand).

It’s great compromise for occasional visitors from North America, South America and Europe as it still performs very well.


How about Singapore?

Singapore works extremely well for customers based in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and India.

It might work well from Australia (depending on ISP). For customers in Europe or North and South America we would not recommend it unless there is a specific reason for hosting there.

Also as a general rule Singapore does not work very well from mainland China as for unknown reasons local providers (China Telecom, China Unicom) route it via USA, however feel free to give it a try using our speedtest above.


And Australia?

Australian location works best for Australia and New Zealand. Australia is a very specific region as a lot of providers there are not willing to peer with anyone and as a result the routing can get very “exotic”. If you have almost 100 % customers from Australia go for it otherwise it’s not recommended and we would recommend you to choose Japan or United Kingdom.

Other locations?

We currently have in planning to add France and Germany as additional locations, if you need any of these locations urgently then please do contact us.

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