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Why an Apartment Needs Website

Why an Apartment Needs Website

Last update: 19th November 2018

The truth is  that the idea of 100 Dollar Websites actually came with the websites we made for our customers selling and renting out apartments or whole houses – they were looking for an inexpensive design that would still look decent and provided customers with additional details about the property.

I Already paid for an Advertisement in my Local Directory – Why Would I Want a Website?

This is actually a very genuine question and the answer is rather simple – because most directories do not have advanced features such as high resolution photo gallery, video player or even a simple customizable contact form.

Why high resolution gallery is not provided as standard or video player is beyond us – it’s very cheap and truth to be told high quality pictures matter a lot when you advertise your real estate for rent (or for sale). The market is typically competitive and you want to have that extra edge.

A different beast is the customizable contact form – this is actually an extremely powerful tool how to find a proper tenant.

Website Helps You Find The Best Tenant

The old workflow is typically like this – you post your advertisement together with your phone number (or WhatsApp contact) and then you wait for the tenants to call you or write you. Once they do that you have to go out with every single one to show them the apartment in person and during the inspection you will be asking them question about their background.

However – what if they are unemployed or are working in a certain sector that you would rather avoid to rent out to? Sure there might be laws that prohibit you to ask these questions but as long as you ask them and then you won’t let them know that they were not selected because of something specific in their bio you will get an information advantage and you will save yourself a pointless inspection and more importantly avoid potentially bad (non-paying) tenant.

Also phone calls are not scalable – if you’re on call with certain person you can’t pay attention to anyone else – the best way is to quickly reply to emails.

Is It Really Worth It?

Without a doubt – the apartment itself cost you hundreds of thousands or even couple million dollars. Next you spent lots of time and ton of money on renovation – if you rent out to the wrong tenant the two security deposits you took are not going to save the day while with some reasonable background screening you can estimate what kind of person you’re dealing with and avoid renting out to the wrong crowd.

The US$100 for a decent website is really a drop in the ocean after all the costs mentioned above so contact us today for your free initial consultation.

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