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Why It Is Important For Restaurant To Have A Simple Website

Why It Is Important For Restaurant To Have A Website

Last update: 2nd September 2019

It might come as obvious to most but if your restaurant does not have a proper and simple to navigate website you will be loosing customers. Think about it this way – you’re in a new city and you are hungry. What do you do? I would argue that most people open Google Maps and start looking for a nearest restaurant.

Google Maps Are Very Important

The trouble is that Google does not really provide reliable information the type of food server much less on the price of the foods offered. Therefore once a visitor sees a restaurant the next thing they want to do is see what are they cooking and for how much.

To Have Only Facebook Business Page Is Bad Idea

If you provide just a link to a Facebook website many people not having Facebook are instantly deferred. They think if they don’t have Facebook they cannot see the contents (which is only half true) but with recent privacy violations even if they know they can see it they might not open it simply based on privacy concerns. If you add up the risk that your website can be cancelled at any time for any reason. These stories from the official Facebook support page:

Update 2019-09-02: it seems that Facebook was too embarrassed to show the threads of desperate people asking for help so the examples above now redirect to the home page of their useless help center.

But the list goes on – feel free to Google for term “facebook disabled business page” to see for yourself.

Simple Website Is What You Need

With that in mind we suggest to get for your restaurant a very simple website that shows photo of the establishment on the front page so it’s easy to find once you look for it. We also advise to to put the address on the front page and in the contact section page.

A link to menu section where the items with prices are listed along with some special offer for lunch is great idea. However even if you provide just a link to PDF document you already use to print out your actual menu for customers who are already sitting at your table you will be miles ahead of your competition.

Besides once you have the website your can also add it to the TripAdvisor and other review websites.

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